Jan. 28th, 2010

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I just realized that I never updated about Tinker and the possibility he may have hyperthyroid.

The blood test results came back a few days after his vet visit and he is...completely clean?

Everything was perfect. The only thing wrong with the cat, other than the fact he's 17 and weighs sixteen thirteen pounds, is a very slight heart murmur (which we already knew about).

I am beyond quite pleased at this turn of events. Completely dumbfounded, because the vet had been adamant about her opinion of him having the disorder, but pleased. And very, very grateful.

Sometimes I forget what it was like to have companion animals who need daily medical attention and care. The painstaking administration of various prescriptions, the worrying, the money spent! Oh God, the money spent.

I also have the habit of forgetting having had quite so many free roaming mammals, or mammals period, in the apartment. I'm down to just the two cats and now, since the Engineer moved in, four snakes (two are his, two are mine). It's not as if I am completely ignorant to the every day care and maintenance; I still recognize the duty of it (and the money and the worrying). But, it's not quite as encompassing of my entire life any more. Purely because the numbers went down. I miss the rats, the ferrets, the other cats. They each had their own, distinct personalities and I loved them dearly, but I recognized the space in my life that was being taken up by so many animals. I couldn't do it anymore and deliberately made the effort to refrain from "replacing" animals as they died.

The decision was made to only ever have two cats total (three, under absolutely dire circumstances) and two or three snakes. With two currently in my possession, I'm holding out the third spot for my dream snake, a piebald ball python or another Western hognose. Right now, the point is moot because we have no room in the apartment for a fifth tank. So, all is good.

All of this was driven even further into my brain when the Engineer's brother texted me the other day asking if I wanted to take in one or two cats because someone he knew had six and couldn't take care of them all.

Of course, I said no. I felt bad about it, but I still said no.


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