Feb. 8th, 2010

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Ever give nose drops to a cat?

I wouldn't recommend it.

Tinker had another vet visit earlier this week because his cold wasn't going away, despite the copius amounts of sticky orange antibiotics me, him, a towel, the floors, and my boots got covered in every evening. He was walking around the apartment making the most horrendous snorkeling sounds, I started to get really worried.

As it turns out, it's just a bad head cold. Nothing in his lungs whatsoever. I told my hot vet the esteemed animal physician I give stupidly vast amounts of money to of the issues with getting liquid medication into the cat, so he gave him a shot in the butt and gave me some nosedrops.

I could do this, right? It's far less intensive than 3 mls of sticky orange goo being shot into a cat's throat (especially since the orange goo dropper only holds 2 mls, so you have to measure it out twice, shove it in the cat's mouth twice, have the cat spit most of it all over you twice, and get clawed up twice). A tiny drop, in each nostril. Piece of cake.


Last night, he blew bubbles at me. Fantastic. And the Engineer keeps calling him "Gurgles".

The only good part of this is that when the vet was looking at Tinker's teeth, I was helping hold him still, and he accidently brushed my breast with the back of his hand. Blushing and stammering on his part commenced for the rest of the visit. hee.

I have three vets, all in the same practice, I see. Which one I visit all depends on who is sick. We have a snake vet, the cat vet, and the small furry exotics vet who will see the cats if the other vet is not there (otherwise known as hot vet, who stammers and blushes). Snake vet nerds out with me over reptiles, cat vet is awesome and funny and cried with me when I had Nympho (the cat in my icon) put to sleep. But, stammering and blushing vet will always be my favorite purely because of the stammering and blushing.


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