Mar. 2nd, 2010

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Tinker had another vet visit today because I'd noticed he really wasn't eating all that much and was looking a bit thinner. I also cottoned on to how he was chewing kind of oddly when he ate hard things like kibble or treats. He'd just gotten over the headcolds to end all headcolds and now this.

Verdict: SIX of his back teeth are bad and need to be removed.

The idea of putting my 17-year old, overweight cat with a slight heart murmur under sedation does not fill me full of joy and song. In fact, it's got me on the verge of weepy-style breakdowns.

Also, he's down to 10 pounds and some change. Ordinarily, I would be happy about that turn of events because I've been trying to get his weight down from the horrible heights my mother had gotten it to. However- a year ago, he weighed 16 pounds. A month ago, thirteen.

I've started him on canned food for the time being, so that he's actually able to eat his food and dear god, was he into that idea. It's not that he doesn't want to eat, he can't because it hurts him. The soft food helps tremendously. Right now, I'm under strict orders of "if he wants it, give it to him", which I am quite certain will brook no disagreement from his end.

I'm trying very hard to be optimistic about this entire thing, but I really need to fully grasp that he is quite old and going under sedation is a big risk. He's been so deeply intertwined in my life for so long that whenever I start thinking about the possibility of life without him, my head gets kind of swimmy.


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