Mar. 14th, 2010

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At the emergency vet after all.

Waiting and trying not to lose my nut.

This place echoes too much.


Mar. 14th, 2010 02:15 pm
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Baby is still at the vet and I am exhausted, having not gotten home until 6 in the morning.

He has 3 nodules in his chest that the doctor thinks are cancer, and she believes that his legs going wonky was from being constipated, of all things. Measures to keep him comfortable are really all that's being done right now.

I'm disgusted at the cost of, even though I knew it was going to suck. No payment plans accepted, unlike my regular vet. And Care Credit would only clear me for $500. Unfortunately, I had to tell them to cap all of this at a certain amount, which makes me sick to my stomach. Making these kinds of decisions based upon money tears me up inside, but I don't have any choice. I don't have any savings, I make bullshittery money at my job, and I've been taking steps to clear what debt I have. My debt would make serious debters laugh their assessing off in some kind of sick Poor Olympics, but because I don't make rolling in naked kind of money, it's a concern of mine that I'm slowly getting rid of.

And it all disheartens me because I have to use one of the credit cards I just paid off. I recently paid off two cards and had yet to cancel them. Now I'm right back to square one with debt because what I paid off is.pretty much what this is costing me. I worked so hard to clear that debt and I'm looking right at it again. I hate this. I keep getting weepy out of sheer frustration.

I want to bring him home today or tonight, then bring him to my regular vet on Monday. But, I can't get through to get an update because they're busy with a surgery for someone else and setting up oxygen.

The vet I dealt with isn't back in until 8. And it's killing me to think of Baby, who is a sensitive soul who only wants his belly rubbed all day, stuck in this place of weird noises,.bad smells and no ottoman to hide under. My poor old man.

Thank you, everyone who had extended their well wishes and good thoughts. It's all so greatly appreciated.


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