Apr. 11th, 2010

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Eff you, Petfinder. Seriously.

I had thought I found a good match for me. All black, fairly adult, male. The blurb under his photo said he's sweet and loves to be picked up. Named Hercules. I got quite excited and after some run around about whether he was at the actual shelter, or at the PetSmart hosting the shelter's cats, I was finally able to meet him yesterday.

He seemed cool, very friendly. Started purring as soon as I started petting him, but he seemed a small bit standoffish, almost as if he really couldn't care that there was a potentially devoted skinjob giving him skritches. He flopped over onto his side several times and swatted at my hand, pulling it down to mouth at, but it seemed as if it was done in a playful manner, so I didn't think much about it. I told the shelter I wanted him and we set up a Sunday afternoon pick-up date.

During the same visit, my attention was drawn to another cat there named Linus. He was black and white, mostly white, and was so pointy that he looked as if there was a bit of Siamese or another similar breed in his blood. He was quite gregarious and affectionate, giving me headbutts and pawing at my scarf through the bars of his cage inbetween bouts of raising hell with his newspaper and water dish. I thought about maybe adopting him as well, despite his majority white fur. I pushed away thoughts of investing stock in whoever invented the lint tape roller.

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