Jul. 24th, 2010

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A smeary article appeared in one of the local newspapers this week about my work and its CEO. What fun that has been, I must say.

And like any good reporter, the falsehoods were mixed so intricately with the truths that it's a bit difficult to tell them apart. I, like some of the other oldheads at the office, have just been going about my way and keeping my head down to the desk. The HR department has been such a swamp lately, both in temperature and in actual workload, that I don't really have all that much time for wild hysterics, not that I'm really prone to them in the first place. Other departments, however, are doing their very best to fling around paranoia and it is growing irritating by leaps and bounds.

On top of the article, and because of the article, Operation Rescue darkened the doorstep of one of our offices. And for once, I mean that literally. They actually stepped foot in the fucking office, thrust a camera phone in the face of one of the employees and took her goddamn picture.

Not fun.

All of this during the third week of a new Director of Operations starting with us. And here we thought we'd be able to convince her that this is such a nice and normal place to work, at least for a little while. Trial by fire, ya'll. I've been trying to keep her sane by taking her out to Starbucks for chai and lending her Jason X.

It's times like these that make me long for the days of mindless mortgage companies or soul-crushing retail work. At the same time, it also reminds me of why I continue to work here.
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These are special moments. They may be creepy and awkward and weird, but they're special moments. I do this because I love you.

Apparently, I don't appreciate creepy ball-drying behind my chair enough. According to the Engineer, at any rate.

Before that, he was booty dancing in a wet towel to the Dead Weather.

O, my life.


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