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01 - Introduction
02 – Your first love
03 – Your parents (this is long as HELL
04 - What you ate today
05 - Your definition of love
06 - Your day
07 - Your best friend
08 - A moment
09 - Your beliefs (photo insensive)

What you wore today

This is just like the long lost days of!

* Old Navy black faux wrap dress I bought from someone on [community profile] fatshionista
* Torrid wide black belt with a giant fuckoff square silver buckle
* black stockings
* black clunky high heel Mary Janes
* my opal ring
* Three of Hearts silver scent locket

* MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC15
* MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo
* Urban Decay eyeshadow in Roach
* Urban Decay eyeshadow in ABC Gum
* some black mascara whose name frigging rubbed off and now I don't know what it is

* BPAL- Samhain 2004

Since it is quarter past midnight and the Kraken has been unleashed, I've stripped down for a night of internetting and smoking too many cigarettes.

These are my favorite pajama pants. Light purple plaid flannel. I got them at a Naked Lady party years ago. They're probably about a five XL and only stay on me through the grace of God, because the pajama string is in a Gordian knot. Proper pajama pants must always be many sizes too large.

My Day of the Dead shirt, which I stole from the Engineer recently. He had put it in the rag pile and when I was sorting through it, I found it. He didn't wear it anymore because it has a hole in the armpit. I was in disbelief he would get rid of such an awesome shirt, so I stole it for bumming around the apartment wearing. Ever since, he's been irritated. You snooze! Also notice: distinct lack of makeup.

My hair, in a messy figure 8 knot with my favorite hairstick holding it up. It's got a dangly silvertone Jolly Roger hanging from it. And it's one of the few hairsticks I have left that my hair hasn't eaten alive. This is what happens when one only buys their hairsticks at the giggly teenage girl store at the mall. The problem is, I can't bring myself to plunk down thirty to fifty dollars on a really well made wooden stick because it's a fucking hair toy.

And if I'm sitting at the computer, that means it's Timothy-time!

Also today, well yesterday- technically, is Henry Lee's 1st birthday. I sang the-birthday-cat-it's-your-birthday song to him and let him play with the laser point for half an hour. I tried to take a photo of him, but he's currently passed out in the Engineer's computer chair, with legs a-sprawl. Black cat, black computer chair, terrible lighting = no pictures for you at this time.

11 – Your siblings
12 – What’s in your bag
13 – This week
14 – What you wore today
15 – Your dreams
16 – Your first kiss
17 – Your favorite memory
18 – Your favorite birthday
19 – Something you regret
20 – This month
21 – Another moment
22 – Something that upsets you
23 – Something that makes you feel better
24 – Something that makes you cry
25 – A first
26 – Your fears
27 – Your favorite place
28 – Something that you miss
29 – Your aspirations
30 – One last moment
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