Jan. 24th, 2005 12:28 pm
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My wallet wasn't in the office of the diner. I do know exactly where I left it, though. On top of the claw machine in the diner's lobby. Fucking claw machines. I always knew they were out to get me, since I was so good at getting things out of them.

So, some slap happy asshole is currently whooping it up with my rent money. THANKS, FUCKER! GLAD TO BE OF SERVICE!

I hope whoever it was that picked up my wallet, and decided to not be a standup guy and you know-TURN IT IN, gets an absolutely scorching case of chlyamydia.

The kind where they're too stupid to figure out that they've got an STD and thinks it's just a urinary infection, so they don't do anything until they realize their shit is turning black and about to fall right the fuck off.


I'm so mad at myself right now, it's not even funny.

I was the dumbass that left my wallet.
I was the retard that forgot it.
I was the numbskull who got too distracted by oohshinyshinyshiny! to realize I left my wallet on top of the stupid claw machine. Fucking birdbrain.

I've frozen my bank accounts, my mother's account, and two credit cards so far. Tomorrow, I need to go to DMV and get a new driver's license, which is most definitely going to be an enjoyable time.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the clocktower.
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I'm really so very exhausted right now that I probably shouldn't be typing. I went to see the new Matrix movie with the Engineer and Miss Robin.

Highlight of the evening, heard in the row behind us during a preview for Extraordinary League of Gentlemen: He's Scottish. They talk funny. They don't talk right. They speak Scotch.

Pure comedy.

The other highlight of the evening was me spotting a stuffed bat in the grab-em claw machine at the diner we went to afterwards. Not only did I spot the damned thing, but I squeed quarters out of everyone and WON it. Pulled that little darlin' to my ever waiting arms, I tell you. And it only took three drops of the claw thing, plus a frantic shaking of the joystick when it picked up something else by mistake.


If I hadn't gotten the bat, I would have gone for the lobster.

Tomorrow night, errr...tonight (as in Saturday) is Stellastarr* playing at the North Star in Philly. I! Am! So! Excited!

I haven't seen Commander Jurin since Ghoulie's wedding. I squee in anticipation!

Full details are as follows:



@ North Star 11pm
2639 Poplar Street (@ 27th)
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-684-0808

Zeta Male 10pm
Stellastarr* 11pm
Surround 12am

Be there or I stab you.


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