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There is a particular word that I have been unable to remember for about two hours now and it is driving me mad. I used to be able to just bust it out at any given time because I thought it was one of the best words ever, and the fact that this specific concept needed a word to describe it tickled me to no end.

And now, it's flown the coop and I am left bereft.

For those of you playing along at home, the word that has left me and broken my heart describes the type of mouth the inner mouth is when an entity has two mouths. Like a mouth inside a mouth? The name of the little mouth.

(The above turned my brain inside out, trying to write it.)

Many of you, being of a rather nerdy bent like myself, will recognize this concept immediately in the Xenomorph:

which is, to me, the best movie monster of all fucking time.

or the Goblin shark:

which is my third favorite shark because I am ridiculous to the point of needing to even have lists of favorite sharks (speaking of sharks, SHARK WEEK STARTS TOMORROW OMG and I have been so wrapped up in my school drama that I have not thought to write about the impending annual festivities).

In looking for those two images, I came across a single .jpg of Xenoporn and am now trapped between wanting to bleach my goddamn eyes for the rest of my life and the burning insatiable curiosity to do more searches to see what other images I can find.

Further distress is caused by the realization as I write this that tomorrow night is the beginning of Shark Week, the second episode of the new season of Mad Men, and the next episode of True Blood (which is beginning to redeem itself for me from the shittiness of the second season, so I've been kind of psyched to see more). Shark Week premiere, Ultimate Air Jaws, is on at nine. True Blood is on at nine. And Mad Men is on at ten.

I know they are all going to be re-aired ad nauseum all night long, but I am torn between what order I should arrange this all into.

On top of that, Mister Kyle is coming over at 7 and there is just no watching anything in anything resembling a serious manner when he's hanging out (not automatically a bad thing, because it is fun as hell to heckle whatever it is we're watching and be ridiculous with Kyle, but some things I want to just watch and appreciate the hell out of).

My life as of late, as you can see, is beginning to resemble that of a shut-in. I think I need some more of the Big Blue Room type of activity. The weather has been so goddamn oppressive lately, like a hot wet sock shoved over your head, any time you step outside. I haven't wanted to do much in my free trip that didn't involve air conditioning and my couch. Today wasn't too bad though, so it gives me hope for a near future which includes a day trip to Cape May. I want to dig for diamonds in the surf and revel in the ocean around me.

It's been far too long.
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If someone has to know only one thing about me, it's usually the fact that I love sharks. I'm ridiculous about it and if someone is even remotely my friend, then they are well-equipped with this knowledge.

I extend this love of sharks to love of shark movies, and thus- love of BAD shark movies. At an exceptionally young and tender age, I was scarred by Jaws the movie (and the hand-me-down Jaws toy I had inherited from my brothers that I carried around with me everywhere I went). *

I'll give most shark movies a fighting chance, though I am frequently disappointed.
Raging Sharks was pitifully weak on actual sharks,
Shark Swarm is over two and a half hours long of Darryl Hannah, Armand Assante, and the guys from Dukes of Hazzard over-emoting, and
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is overrated because it's turned into fangirl stroke material because the guy from Torchwood is in it.

That being said, there a number of movies that have not disappointed me. Jaws itself, obviously. And:


Next up? Possibly Return of the Living Dead, because that's another of our go-to movies to watch when we're bored. We can't decide and it's always so spur of the moment when we decide to play. [ profile] tony_s is coming over this weekend coming up, so maybe we'll get him to pick a movie, since he's the whole reason why we started doing this.

Well. That, and the fact that we are both nine-year-old nerdy kids at heart.
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One bright light in my tales of woe!

The Engineer took me out for sushi on Thursday night, in celebration of his tattoo kit arriving in the mail. And while we were eating, I was yammering on about sharks (because it's SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK) and shark research. In particular, I told him about Dr. Douglas Long, a researcher who goes to the Farallones Islands and researches the Great Whites that congregate there every fall.

me: So yeah. He gets to go to the Farallones, he's into the Church of the Subgenius, and goes to Burning Man! How cool is that?

the Engineer:'re leaving me, aren't you?


Does anyone else gets prompted for a password when they go straight to my main journal page? It's been doing that for ages and I can't figure out why.
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I went to Best Buy today with the Engineer and picked up a fistful of movies.

If anyone wants to know how the remake of Day of the Dead is? Don't bother. I should have known better because everything I'd read said it was abysmal, but I still bought it with starry-eyed aspirations. Blergh. You would have thought Resident Evil II and Night of the Living Dead 3D would have taught me a particular lesson.

I also picked up Cloverfield, because I haven't seen that yet and I don't care what anyone says about it. It's giant monsters destroying NYC. Sign me up.

And I got Secretary because I'd always wanted to own it.


I got the 20th Anniversary of Shark Week collection. hee. It's like twenty different episodes from Shark Week. Like Air Jaws and Prehistoric Sharks. And I am stoked.

Now it can be Shark Week every week! Shark Week every day!
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Charlie shed for the first time this weekend. :D

The past few days, I've been an absolute maniac because while I was almost positive she was going into her first shed with me, I am just loony enough to think something is drastically wrong. Especially because it was taking her so goddamn long to really look like a shed was coming.

All in all, it was a bad shed and was coming off of her in bits and pieces. So, last night I decided to give her a good soak and then rub her down, hoping that this would help her wiggle out.

I'm still a little skittish about picking her up directly, so I used tongs to kind of airlift her out of the tank, then put her in the soaking container (which she hates like nothing else). Let her soak for about twenty minutes, then sat with her at my vanity and rubbed her back and belly. It really helped a lot; she immediately started to poke through her nose shed and pieces of skin were splitting all down the length of her body. Unfortunately, because it was already a bad shed, it didn't come off in one piece. We sat for a long time together, her wound all around my wrist and squeezing and dragging the side of her head against my arm and me slowly rubbing my finger in circles on the spots that seemed to need it. At one point, I really thought she was just going to slide out of her skin while I was holding her because I could see her body moving underneath of it. How awesome would that have been? But, it didn't happen. I helped work off quite a bit of the shed, then put her away for the night because I didn't want to stress her out too badly.

Today when I checked in on her, the only skin that was left was on her head. Part of it was sticking straight up, just above her snout, and looked like she was wearing a goofy mask. I gave her another, much shorter soak, then held her in a damp washcloth and kind of dabbed at her head when she would let me, which wasn't often. She managed to get most of it off her head, but she's still left with a wee bit on the left side of her skull, with an eyecap. When I put her back in her tank, she immediately started to rub her head against her new log, so hopefully, it'll be completely off by tomorrow. In a couple of days then, I'll try to get her to eat.

<3 for my girl.

This weekend has been vastly tiring. Friday, I took the day off from work because I had a slew of things I needed to accomplish; one of which was taking the train to the city and meeting with the recruiter for that non-profit job I wrote about a few days ago. That didn't go particularly well, as she feels the company wouldn't want me because I'm going to college and wouldn't be staying with them forever and the rest of my life. The company is apparently incredibly and ungodly picky, she says. I was peeved because I took a day off from work and tooled through the city in professional clothes on an enormously humid and gross day. Ick.

On top of that, I had also wanted to go to the college and get a few things taken care of: officially changing my current major to Human Services instead of Business Administration, renewing my student loan with Financial Aid, and selling my used textbooks to the bookstore. One out of three isn't bad, I reckon. The bookstore is apparently closed on Fridays during the summer and the Financial Aid office was also closed for some reason. Irritating.

I also needed to go to Haddonfield and get a copy of my marriage certificate so I could get my license renewed, but I was so peeved with the day's events and incredibly worn out from the heat, that I didn't feel up for it. I need to get that done stat because my license expires tomorrow.

Friday night was Joanna's going away party because her last day of work is the 31st. A slew of us headed to a local bar and sat out on the deck for a much-needed night of carousing. It started to rain fairly heavy at one point, but our table had an umbrella and we largely stayed dry. Of course, I sat near the end of the umbrella that leaked, so my entire back and butt got completely soaked.

We were fairly rowdy, which happens whenever you get the group of us together. Former abortionists and current abortionists, we all had a massive amount of shit-talking that needed to be done. After the bar, we (me, Angel and Joanna) drove to the grocery store and bought an enormous amount of junk food, then went back to my apartment for more drinking and junk-food eating until five in the morning.

Today has been quiet, overall. It's the beginning of Shark Week (hooray!) and they've been playing old shark shows all day long on the Discovery Channel, leading up to tonight's new show (which was boring). I laid on the living room floor with every blanket and pillow known to man, smoking cigarettes and brandishing my giant stuffed Great White, David Byrne, at the cats. I dozed and snored and ate chocolate-covered pretzels. The Engineer threw things at me and talked about how the hammerhead shark's special talent is perfect pitch.

I may go to bed early, but I haven't decided yet.


Jul. 15th, 2007 01:56 am
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Shark Week is in 15 days!
I ate some awesome cheese tonight!
Super Gator is currently on the Sci-Fi channel!
I have 14th row, center, floor tickets to see the Cure in September!
I revised my resume today!
I took a bubble bath and listened to Radiohead on my iPod!
I renamed the new Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the OMG THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!
The preview for Stardust was amazing!
I am trying to convince the Engineer to be Serpentor for Halloween!
This is in addition to my previous costume ideas of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Destro, and Captain Spaulding!
I should totally be in bed right now!
Everything is made of exclamation points!


Jun. 6th, 2007 06:50 pm
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It is 52 days, 5 hours and 9 minutes until Shark Week.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
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I just went to try and reapply a bit of Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, only to find the imp vial is empty. Empty! EMPTY, I SAY!

*shakes fist*



It's Shark Week, bitches!

Be prepared to hear a whole bunch of nonsense from me on this very subject! And while this doesn't really look like it's shaping up to be the BEST SHARK WEEK EVER (really, Air Jaws again?), a crappy Shark Week is still better than no Shark Week.
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As I was lying in bed last night, I kept thinking about an old friend of mine named Shannon who I haven't seen since I was about seventeen or so. Then I get to work and I discover that the T-Rex was thinking the same thing.

I somehow doubt the T-Rex's friend's father was also a gay, alcoholic magician.
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It's good to know that I'm not the only blithering idiot person who thinks sharks are smiley.

I think it's time for me to go back to the Camden aquarium, so I can stand in the shark room and press my hands against the glass again.

(btw: that's a big fucking great white in that article. seriously.)
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Well, I decided to give it my best shot and see how things panned out, so I went into the interview as shiny, happy Tara (I DID, TOO!).

That was an extraordinary waste of my time.

Generally, when someone refuses to shake one's hand, it is not an especially good sign.

I use this icon in honour of Shark Week!
¡Desea la semana viva del tiburón!
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Nothing like a shark attack off the coast of New Jersey to brighten up my morning.

Excuse me, alledged shark attack.

It's amusing how NJ officials are refusing to state what happened. I saw the photos of the bite and it certainly looked like a shark attack to me.

The teenager who was bitten got off easy, as well. They're saying that it was possibly a small great white and he came out of this with fifty or sixty stitches. Psshaw. Child's play. He's lucky to be alive, let alone still have all his limbs.

We haven't had an attack off our coast since 1975, which has always astounded me. There's a lot of sharks in these waters. Mako and great whites, even. And it's always been a point of interest for me, that they never attacked anyone. Until now, that is.

At least there hasn't been any huge outcry of Let's go kill 'em! Far too often that is the reaction of locals when a shark does what it is meant to do: hunt and eat.

In my reading about this incident, I came across some information that an aquarium in California recently had a great white being held in capitivity. For 198 days, I believe, which is a record. Before that, I think they were only able to keep one for about sixty days before it went tits up. This one, a female, ate heartily while there, grew about a foot and gained something like a hundred pounds. They released it, with a transmitter attached, after she killed two other sharks in the aquarium and began exhibiting hunting behaviour towards the other fish.

God bless her. I hope she lives for many more decades, safe from human meddling.

I love sharks, in case that isn't obvious. The great whites, most of all. One of my biggest dreams is to go on one of those great white watches off the coast of Africa or Australia, in a diving cage with those big beasts so close I could touch them.

I dream of it, frequently. Silent underwater, sharks all around. I always wake up with my heart pounding and my breath caught in my throat, fear bubbling up through my lungs. But it's exhilarating on a primordial level, to dream of the flash of teeth.

Last year, Miss Robin and Saint Rick took me to the Camden aquarium. And I spent the bulk of our trip with my hands pressed up against the glass of this one enormous exhibit full of sharks (I forget which kind, they were big son of a bitches, though). My face so close to the cool, dim glass that what's inside was all I could see. Eyes wide and entire body trembling as they swam up close before turning away.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of watching one of them slowly come right at you and completely forgetting there's a barrier of safety.
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In honour of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I'll be using this icon as my default all week. Love the shark! I watched this evening's kick off (Primal Fear, or some such) sitting in my overstuffed chair and clutching the enormous Great White I bought at the aquarium with Miss Robin and Saint Rick. The new shark's name is David Byrne, which brings my great joy.

Last night's sex toy fundraiser went fairly well. Not only did I successfully navigate my big-ass Cadillac through the streets of Philadelphia on my own (and parked it!), I brought in about $170 total. It was about three in the morning by the time I dragged my sorry ass into bed, but a good time was had and I met scores of fabulous new people.

The hard mass...hrm. Wait.
I seem to have lost an entry somewhere. I was about to reference an entry I had written the other day regarding my mother, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. At any rate, my mother's foot has been swollen for the past week or so. They finally did an ultrasound on it and concluded that she had a small blood clot. Late Friday night, she was taken from the nursing home to the ER with me in attendance. At about three in the morning, she kicked me out of the hospital as I was falling asleep. Yesterday, they put in some sort of filter to fix this problem, but I'm unsure what's going on at the moment. She's still at the hospital as I write this and will hopefully be released tomorrow.

Now, what the fuck happened to that entry?! grr.
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A couple of weeks ago, The Engineer and I ventured to a store called Warehouse Liquidators or some such nonsense. He was looking for a new television and I was just tagging along (actually, I drove. So I reckon I was doing more then just tagging along).

He didn't have any luck, but I found myself a new friend.

This is Wheezy. )


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