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1. I has a new computer desk. There wasn't anything wrong with my old desk per se, but I need to condense space. The Engineer recently bought this fly desk that had a bit that swung out on wheels and all, which I immediately fell in love with and thought it would make a spectacular make-up vanity/computer station. See, to make room for the Engineer's gigantor bed, it would be best if I got rid of my old make-up vanity. Which is as old as dirt, takes up far too much room, and I hate like a hating thing hates things.

2. All four snakes now live in one apartment. When we were transporting the Engineer's kingsnake, he skunked me- the little fucker. Kingsnake skunk is a special, special realm of Hell. Like the worst rotting fish/clogged dog anal glands stench ever. I gagged the entire time I was carrying the snake from the Engineer's apartment to mine. Then I washed my hands for twenty minutes.

3. My professor for Math for Liberal Arts is apparently known as the GPA Killer. Would have been nice to know before I started taking his class and uhh...getting my GPA fucking killed. Am unhappy about this, but am also swiftly approaching college burn-out. So, I pendulum swing between being extremely distressed about my GPA dropping and not being able to give a good goddamn.

4. I have a great pile of books to plow through. I also need to update my book list, which I have not done since January. Shouldn't be too hard to remember what I've read since then, as most of them are still piled up in my room on every available surface. Good thing the Engineer has an empty bookshelf. I could probably fill it in twenty minutes. Or less.

5. I am not inebriated whatsoever at this very moment. Nope.

6. I find it curious that every time I wash my car, it rains within the next one to two days. Since I bought the Mini, I have washed it maybe seven or eight times. I blame the OCD and needing to keep the shiny surfaces shiny. Everyone else just thinks I'm fucking nuts.

7. I conquered my downloading of videos from Youtube and actually getting them to have sound problem from a few days ago. It involved the downloading of an entirely different program that finally did it. Now I can dork out over rockstars wherever I may happen to be roaming at the moment.

8. I forget what eight is for.
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8.9% for 72 months and a total of $2500 down (instead of $1500) comes out to $328.06 a month, which is a lot more doable.

Finance manager is submitting it right now, but if all goes well- I'll be going in on the 17th to sign papers.

Crisis possibly averted?
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Approved at 8.5%, which comes out to $440 a month? With a co-signer who has perfect credit?

Are you fucking shitting me?

$440 a month is so far completely and totally out of my goddamn range, it's not even funny.

I don't know whether to start crying or screaming.
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Dear Kendra,





I'm going for a cigarette. I'm taking my cell phone with me. For the love of mice, please call me and give me SOME kind of news.
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Yesterday, I submitted a credit application to Mini. It was rather nerve-wracking.

Today, I got a phone call back from the finance officer I've been speaking to informing me that while my credit is just peachykeenfine, I do not actually have enough of it to be approved for a loan. But that she believes if I were to have a co-signer, it shouldn't be an issue.

Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

See, the only person in my life who could do such a thing is my father. And he already co-signed for my brother's truck a couple of years ago. I felt bringing this up to him would not fill him full of joy and song.

Surprisingly, I was completely wrong. I called him up this evening while I was still at work and broached the topic. He was totally fine about it, almost nonchalant. I wanted to shake the phone and ask whoever it was on the other line what they had done with my father.

After work, I drove over to his house with the credit application, filled out the appropriate areas, and had him sign it. It took him thirty seconds to sign his name, literally, and I was more than a bit disturbed at how shaky his handwriting has become. My father used to have beautiful penmanship. Think thirty seconds to sign one's name isn't all that long? Try it right now. See how long it takes you to sign your own name. See? It's fucking disturbing.

Papers signed and stowed away in my messenger bag, we shot the shit for an hour. Made jokes about what it's going to be like for me to have a car which actually does what cars are designed to do. He bestowed the highest of praise upon the Engineer ("He's a good guy") and once again pointed out how much like my mother I am. He also gifted me with my grandmother's cookbook, copyright 1942 (this is going to be an entire post of its own).

Tomorrow, I'll be faxing these papers over to Mini and see what they say. As things have turned out, I'm probably not getting an 09 because it would take six to eight weeks to order what I want (which is actually a terribly simple build). I was prepared to bite the bullet and do this, but on the dealer's website, I found an 07 with just over 7k miles for three hundred dollars cheaper. Black, with a black roof, which is precisely what I wanted in that department. Heated seats (everyone crows about this, but my ass has been chilly for 34 years as it is, heated seats weren't on my list of must-have) and a sunroof (I'm not thrilled with this, but as long as there's a slide to block the sun, I'll be fine). And the best part? I don't have to wait two months to get the damn thing.

So. Hopefully, I'll have an answer by the weekend.

The idea of making this much of a commitment is filling me full of nameless panic, but at the same time I am also almost overwhelmed with excitement at getting a new car. Particularly, my second-most dream car. I am, in turns, almost bouncing out of my seat with joy and hiding under the bed in fright.

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to change my car icon keywords to "in a little black car". I'm going to cry so hard when I have to give up the Beast.
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I've not made all that much progress, really.

The Mini dealer in PA contacted me back and told me the specifications I want are not in stock and to order one would take 6 to 8 weeks. In theory, I could be patient and do this. However, they haven't responded to my email about "Hey, can I get this for $300 a month?" I'm taking their silence as a resounding no. That's disheartening.

I've also started looking at another car, the Honda Fit Sport (in purple!). The one dealer I've contacted about that has been UP MY FRIGGING ASS. His name is Sam and he sucks. Calling me when I tell him not to call me, emailing me every ten seconds with some bullshit, being a general annoyance. I emailed him yesterday asking if they had my specific build in stock (2009 Fit Sport Automatic in Blackberry Pearl, iPod adapter, NOTHING ELSE) and if I could get it for $300 a month (with my additional financial information in the email). He sent me back an email which basically proved he didn't read a goddamn thing I'd written, talking about what colors they had in stock (no mention of the build I want or the no goddamn add-ons and accessories clause I have) and for me to get UNDER $300 a month, I'd have to put down $4k as a deposit. Piss off, Sam.

I haven't tried going to the bank yet because everything at work has been so insane; I haven't had the time, but that's next on my attack list. I'm going to try to do it on Friday and see what they have to say to me about getting a loan.

In a conversation with the Engineer last night, I told him I would be quite put out if I can't get a Mini. They're my second favorite car ever and I really had my heart set on one. I could get over it, because I'm just not that petty, and get another car. But, I'd be sad and probably pine away or some dumb nonsense. The Honda Fit isn't so bad, it's kind of like a rounded version of a Mini without the awesome retro styling that makes you feel like you're piloting the Nautilus. Same basic cargo space, basically the same mpg. Not bad (and did I mention it comes in purple?) If I absolutely had to go with another car, I don't think I would mind one. And even though Sam the dealer is being a dickbag, they're a ton of Honda dealers around here. Unlike Mini.

I could just go out and get a random wee car. There's a million different types. But, modern cars leave me cold. They have no personality to them. They have no character. Most of them look like eggs on wheels, or slightly square eggs on wheels. If I had to drive one every day, I would detest it. Some people may think I'm being shallow about this because after all, it's just a fucking car, right? But, if I'm going to be spending that much money on something, I want to be practically in love with the goddamn thing. I'm not utilitarian; I like shiny things. They make me happy. And I want to be happy with whatever car I wind up getting, providing it doesn't put me into the poorhouse to buy.

The Engineer told me I need to hit more than one dealer. When he bought his Cruiser, he put down $1k and his monthly payments were only slightly over $300 a month, but he had to go to three or four dealers to get to that. I thought about getting a Cruiser, but I thought it would be kind of goofy for us to have OMG MATCHING CARS. I like Cruisers, though (even though they made some big mistakes in changing the interiors after the 02, they're kind of assy looking now). I'm not totally opposed to it, but I would prefer not to.

Enough car rambling. I have Pocky to eat and chai to drink. At some point soon, I also have entries to write about class scheduling shenanigans, how Aristotle now eats behind a private curtain, and all about how my barely a year old computer monitor shit the bed this week.
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I'm going to be buying a new car (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks and the idea of it, the enormity of it, is sending me into anxiety-ridden states of panic.

As it is, I am loathe to give up the Caddy. She's a great beast of a car and I have loved her for many, many years. Sadly, when one is afraid of driving long distances for fear of what may happen, it's usually a sign. As of a few weeks ago, the driver's side door decided to give up the ghost and no longer opens at all from the outside, which is a quite lovely addition to the fact I already can't unlock it from the outside. Before, I had to unlock the passenger side, lean over and unlock the driver's door. Now I have to do all of those things and actually open the door from the inside. Oh, and the passenger side doesn't open from the inside. It's a lot of fun.

Door issues aside, the engine runs fairly well (if a bit loud), but it is pushing 90K miles. I'm losing my tailpipe slowly as it's corroding away from its middle bits and something is making a rather annoying squeaking sound from the back of the car somewhere.

All of the original issues of the headliner falling down around my ears, a terribly cracked dashboard, wonky climate control, and absolutely wrecked seats are all still present. It's also just beginning to rust on the roof and the nose.

After next semester, I'm going to have to start traveling to Trenton for funeral school and the idea of taking the Caddy that far and back several times a week gives me The Fear. Not only because I'm unsure if it can withstand that amount of driving, but also because the car only takes premium gas and the amount of money I would have to put out to keep the tank full would most likely rival my student loans.

So, it's new car territory a-hoy.

My mind is already made up. I want a Mini Cooper. It doesn't have to be brand new. Just a Mini. Black. Preferably with a black roof, although I wouldn't turn up my nose at a white roof. No bells and whistles, I don't require them. But, it absolutely must be an automatic. I can't drive stick and despite how many manual drivers telling me how great it is to drive stick and how blessedly easy, I am uninterested. I'll learn how, sure. That's no problem. But, I'm not buying a manual.

I have some money squirrelled away for a down payment. The little pile will be growing slightly on Friday when I get paid. But, I've never done this before. I've never bought a car, had a car payment, had my own car insurance. The idea of all of these new bills also gives me The Fear. My paychecks are currently alright. I do basically ok. One fucked up set of circumstances would severely screw me, though. Putting car payments and insurance premiums into this mix? I could do it. It's just going to suck. And if I have to get my apartment when my lease is up (this is a whole other story I don't have the energy for at the moment), it's going to really suck.

I spoke to a co-worker's husband this evening who works for a car dealership and he gave me some ideas of what to expect and how to pursue all of this. He also killed my hopes of using the Mini Select financing (it's a balloon loan) by telling me it is a Very Bad Idea to get into that sort of thing. He did, however, tell give me quite a lot of ideas on how to approach this.

This week, I have to go to my bank and see about getting outside financing for the car loan. I'm not sure how it's going to go, but he told me it would be wise to make that my first step.

I just want a little reliable car that doesn't cause me to go into wild amount of debt and misery. Why do the Powers That Be make this kind of thing so goddamn difficult and nerve-wracking? I am, at turns, completely over the moon at the idea of having a car that actually does what it is supposed to do 100% of the time (and unlock it from the driver's side!) and completely terrified.
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Leaving for work this morning.

Get in the car, key in the ignition, turn the key, and?

The car basically gives me the middle finger. Wtf. Absolutely no response at all, which is mostly likely due to a dead battery. You know what makes it even more fun? I don't know when I can take the car in to get the battery changed. Tonight I have a vet appointment for the fat black cat, tomorrow there's a wedding I have to go to.

The only thing I can think of is to not go in to work tomorrow and get it done (hopefully) in the morning.

Fuck you, car! >:O
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Argh. I am a tired one. I've been running ragged almost the entire weekend, from start to finish.

Friday night, I took the Engineer out to get his belated Valentine's day presents. Which was an entire set up for the California Kingsnake he's had his eye on. The pet shop we stopped into had one of the best fish selections I've seen in a long time. And I squeaked and oooohed over the spotted puffers. Chubby little faces and enormous eyes. I want about a billion of these little guys to act as my army of fishy minions.

After this, we were heading to his parents' house to pick up some things he had left behind in the move. On the way, I managed to drive through a pot hole so big that you could have buried a fucking dog in it. A BIG dog.

It was full of water, since all of the snow is beginning to melt, so therefore I didn't see it until it was too late (it was also at night). I jacked the car through the hole and heard a loud KA-BOOM! Heart in my throat, fearing that I bent the axle, I drove as carefully as I could to the Engineer's parents' house.

Only to find that I had a flat. Good, yes?
The flat was caused by a bent rim.
I kicked some snow around and paced and furiously smoked a cigarette. Called my mother, explained the situation, repeated three times that I hadn't been speeding (my lead foot is quite notorious in this family), and waited for the Engineer to do his boy thing and change my tire.

I know engines. Not tires. I can find my way around almost any car engine and do all sorts of things that you wouldn't expect me to know how to do, but when faced with the outside of the car? I kind of cave.


My mom took it in to the mechanic on Saturday, and they confirmed it was indeed a bent rim which couldn't be fixed. A new one has been ordered and we'll be able to pick it up next Saturday. In the meantime, they've lent us an entire new tire with a non-fux0red rim so we're able to get too and from work without having to drive on a doughnut.

I feel like such a jack idiot for doing this to the car. argh.

Saturday, I was meeting Wemble for shopping. She needs to find shoes for her upcoming wedding and I wanted to look for saint statues. No shoes to be found, all the white ones we saw sucked, but I managed to buy three statues which are now quite happily at home on my altar. Gerard for the Baron, Patrick for Damballah, and Dymphna because I'm obsessed with her. hee!

Later that night, we ran upstairs to apartment 13 and hung out with The Priest They Called Him and the Engineer for Dagon and hentai. TPTCH's first foray into anime smut. Quite amusing. The rest of the night, I spent writing a presentation on the debunking of the Burning Times (hah!) which was presented earlier this evening (Sunday).

The presentation itself went well, despite the fact that I am an assy public speaker. The rest of this evening I spent cleaning up my altar space, cleaning the rest of my room, doing a virtual metric fucktonne of laundry and trying to keep my brain from exploding from my wee little skull.

Manic phase, all systems set to GO.
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Another cigarette.

I've changed some of my icons to Louis Wain
paintings of cats. I've grown a bit obsessed
with Wain. Strangely ironic, considering he
was obsessed with cats. And that eventually led
to his ever down spiraling insanity.

However, I have the mantle of protection in the
fact that I've already got quite a few screws
missing. I'll cling to that, in the middle of
the night. When noises wake me up and the
just-a-little-bit-open closet door won't let
me close my eyes.


I sleep in a closet. So, does that automatically
discount my fear of open closet doors? I'm
inside the closet. Am I in there with the
boogey man? Am I Oogie Boogie now? Will I creep
out at midnight to tickle the soles of sleeping
children feet?

I like this idea.

I drove to and from work today. Which was quite
interesting. For those who don't know (not that
anyone other than the Wee One and the Engineer
reads this), I got my learner's permit. Yes.
I am twenty-six years old and I've only just
gotten my permit.

You may now bite me.

But, I enjoy driving. And if it wasn't for my
mother twittering in my ear with "Watch out!",
"Slow down!", "Check your mirrors!" it would
be quite relaxing. Even with morning and evening
rush hour traffic.

Holding the turning signal in and turning the
wheel at the same time is a gift that I don't
think I shall ever possess, however.


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