Aug. 1st, 2010

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There is a particular word that I have been unable to remember for about two hours now and it is driving me mad. I used to be able to just bust it out at any given time because I thought it was one of the best words ever, and the fact that this specific concept needed a word to describe it tickled me to no end.

And now, it's flown the coop and I am left bereft.

For those of you playing along at home, the word that has left me and broken my heart describes the type of mouth the inner mouth is when an entity has two mouths. Like a mouth inside a mouth? The name of the little mouth.

(The above turned my brain inside out, trying to write it.)

Many of you, being of a rather nerdy bent like myself, will recognize this concept immediately in the Xenomorph:

which is, to me, the best movie monster of all fucking time.

or the Goblin shark:

which is my third favorite shark because I am ridiculous to the point of needing to even have lists of favorite sharks (speaking of sharks, SHARK WEEK STARTS TOMORROW OMG and I have been so wrapped up in my school drama that I have not thought to write about the impending annual festivities).

In looking for those two images, I came across a single .jpg of Xenoporn and am now trapped between wanting to bleach my goddamn eyes for the rest of my life and the burning insatiable curiosity to do more searches to see what other images I can find.

Further distress is caused by the realization as I write this that tomorrow night is the beginning of Shark Week, the second episode of the new season of Mad Men, and the next episode of True Blood (which is beginning to redeem itself for me from the shittiness of the second season, so I've been kind of psyched to see more). Shark Week premiere, Ultimate Air Jaws, is on at nine. True Blood is on at nine. And Mad Men is on at ten.

I know they are all going to be re-aired ad nauseum all night long, but I am torn between what order I should arrange this all into.

On top of that, Mister Kyle is coming over at 7 and there is just no watching anything in anything resembling a serious manner when he's hanging out (not automatically a bad thing, because it is fun as hell to heckle whatever it is we're watching and be ridiculous with Kyle, but some things I want to just watch and appreciate the hell out of).

My life as of late, as you can see, is beginning to resemble that of a shut-in. I think I need some more of the Big Blue Room type of activity. The weather has been so goddamn oppressive lately, like a hot wet sock shoved over your head, any time you step outside. I haven't wanted to do much in my free trip that didn't involve air conditioning and my couch. Today wasn't too bad though, so it gives me hope for a near future which includes a day trip to Cape May. I want to dig for diamonds in the surf and revel in the ocean around me.

It's been far too long.


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