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In an effort to quell the demons currently living betwixt my ears, here is a list of awesome things I have witnessed or been involved in lately:

1. There is a black pick-up truck parked around the corner from my apartment with a bumper sticker that says, "I <3 INTERSPECIES EROTICA". I want to take a photo of this so badly, it makes my teeth ache.

2. Joanna compared my cuntishness to M-Theory on Sunday night, after we'd come back to my place after going to a bar. We also made tenative plans to go shooting in April.

3. The "you are beautiful" graffiti I posted in my photo entry.

4. I made my own paneer last night. The Indian dish I made to go with it wasn't so hot, both taste-wise and, you know, taste-wise, but the cheese was banging. I would like to make buckets of it and put it in my mouth.

5. Saxaphone sousaphone.

6. I finally figured out a semi-decent way to wear my peacock feather hairsticks in my hair without looking like Little Hiawatha. Straight up and down results in a feather sticking straight out from the top of your head and is more than a little dorky. A fan of those bitches in a sideways figure 8 knot, however, works just fine. It only took me three years to puzzle this one out.

7. The weather has been perfect for opening my sunroof.

8. I forget what eight was for.

9. One of my pet 20-somethings, Tracy, is making beef jerky for me.
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1. I has a new computer desk. There wasn't anything wrong with my old desk per se, but I need to condense space. The Engineer recently bought this fly desk that had a bit that swung out on wheels and all, which I immediately fell in love with and thought it would make a spectacular make-up vanity/computer station. See, to make room for the Engineer's gigantor bed, it would be best if I got rid of my old make-up vanity. Which is as old as dirt, takes up far too much room, and I hate like a hating thing hates things.

2. All four snakes now live in one apartment. When we were transporting the Engineer's kingsnake, he skunked me- the little fucker. Kingsnake skunk is a special, special realm of Hell. Like the worst rotting fish/clogged dog anal glands stench ever. I gagged the entire time I was carrying the snake from the Engineer's apartment to mine. Then I washed my hands for twenty minutes.

3. My professor for Math for Liberal Arts is apparently known as the GPA Killer. Would have been nice to know before I started taking his class and uhh...getting my GPA fucking killed. Am unhappy about this, but am also swiftly approaching college burn-out. So, I pendulum swing between being extremely distressed about my GPA dropping and not being able to give a good goddamn.

4. I have a great pile of books to plow through. I also need to update my book list, which I have not done since January. Shouldn't be too hard to remember what I've read since then, as most of them are still piled up in my room on every available surface. Good thing the Engineer has an empty bookshelf. I could probably fill it in twenty minutes. Or less.

5. I am not inebriated whatsoever at this very moment. Nope.

6. I find it curious that every time I wash my car, it rains within the next one to two days. Since I bought the Mini, I have washed it maybe seven or eight times. I blame the OCD and needing to keep the shiny surfaces shiny. Everyone else just thinks I'm fucking nuts.

7. I conquered my downloading of videos from Youtube and actually getting them to have sound problem from a few days ago. It involved the downloading of an entirely different program that finally did it. Now I can dork out over rockstars wherever I may happen to be roaming at the moment.

8. I forget what eight is for.
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I am going to be rather bored in roughly an hour, which is when I will arrive home from work.

See, I've got no plans tonight for entertainment and the Engineer is going to his chess club thingie. I texted a friend earlier today to see (last minute) if they wanted to hang out, but they're playing poker. WTF, I ask you?

So. I'm a bit at a loss.

I could:

1. get incredibly inebriated ("Daddy's medicine"), lie on the floor and listen to King Crimson. In particular, In the Court of the Crimson King. Apparently, I've become some form of stoner. Or rather, I've regressed to my early twenties.
2. read a book about a cutter.
3. go to the chess club thing, despite the fact that I am completely inept at chess and any time I show up at the meeting, I usually am only a nuisance. A LOUD nuisance, at that.
4. get incredibly inebriated and play Katamari (even though my wireless controller shit itself). I like to roll up stuff.
5. hit a couple of the craft stores in the area to see if any Halloween stuff is out yet.

None of these are really striking me as interesting. I'm not used to a lack of plans, or rather, I'm normally content to go home and tool around the apartment on nights like this until the Engineer arrives home with company and peanut butter cookies (and tales of the Asperger's guy who comes to chess night).

I don't know what I want to do. It's been too long of a week for me and nothing seems good.

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1. I woke up crippled today. Don't know why. My shoulder and up my neck is in so much stiff pain that I'm about to scream. If someone could just take the heel of their palm and place it squarely against my shoulder, then press down hard, I would be a very happy girl.

2. The Engineer gets to draw cadavers tonight. I am trying very hard to not be covetous.

3. I've been so busy with work and school that I have not had much time for anything else. Work has had me travelling to far-flung, bullshit places (like Erie, PA) to recruit staff and see patients. Please bear with me while I muddle through this.


5. I dug out my knee high Muro boots today. hee. I haven't worn them in about a year. Fucking fabulous.

*If you get this, I have hearts for you.
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What I bought everyone else for the holidays: )

Mostly a good holiday. Wee bit of the uncomfortable when Eldest Brother showed up right after dinner tonight, but he managed to behave himself and actually he and I had what passes as a normal conversation in this family. I got uppitty and decided to make dinner again, which was lasagna (which I've never made before), green salad with various fresh vegetables, and homemade garlic bread (that I burned, a little). After dinner, quite a few of my friends showed up for chocolate pie (which I made) and shit-talking. I drank too much Kahlua and smoked a bit too much pot, which made me at my peak of hilarity. And Wemble and her husband left only about an hour and a half ago or thereabouts.

It's quiet now. And the apartment is almost immaculate (I cleaned all day before people came over). I don't necessarily have to go into work tomorrow because we were given the option of not coming in and receiving a paid holiday or coming in and receiving eight hours of holiday time on top of the hours we worked. I'm going to go in, just to get up some hours, but I'm going in late and I'm not staying forever.

However, now that I've just typed that, I remembered that on Friday, my car decided to start vomiting power-steering fluid and that it might not be a good idea to drive it tomorrow. So, I don't know. When my father looked under the car today, there was no power-steering fluid to be found. So, that leaves me wondering if maybe I just overfilled the damn thing (because I put some in there Friday morning) or if something is actually wrong. I have plans to take the car to the mechanic on Tuesday because of this and some (possibly) loose belts making it go grindy.

I don't know. I'm quite tired and still a little bit stoned, so I'm fairly certain I'm just rambling at this point.
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Stolen from Miss S.

Name 5 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Tag 5 people on your list.

This reminds me of a travelling notebook my friends and I circulated throughout the last two years of high school. We called it The Book of Stuff and it contained lists. Many, many lists of all manner of things. I believe it started out with 'These are things that do not suck' and just went on from there, detailed lists of anything you could imagine. Quite a few of us wrote in the book and it was always amusing to see who wrote what. I think Jennie is still the official keeper of the notebook, so it probably resides at her house.

Anyway. My list of simple pleasures.

1. Stomping through rain puddles in parking lots. The sound of the splash is probably what I enjoy most about it. That and the thousands of water droplets that fly through the air in my wake.
2. Staying up until the wee hours, talking trash with people I love. It gets to the point where everyone is so exhausted, they can barely keep their eyes open, but there's always one more story to tell, one more cigarette to smoke.
3. Early morning waking up with a warm cat body curled against me. This is half the reason why I have such trouble getting up for work. Baby, my elderly marmalede cat, will stay in bed for as long as I do and is more than happy to allow me to wind my arms around him and pull him closer to me.
4. The soft burn of good bourbon sliding down my throat with the slow warmth spreading through my belly.
5. Singing loudly in my car when I'm alone. I probably look like a giant ass whenever I do it, but I do it every time I drive by myself.
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Look at your LJ interests list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

-Bonfire Madigan
Bonfire Madigan opened up for Laibach at a show last year. She's a one woman revolution, with a cello and some pickups. I wasn't expecting to like whoever was opening for Laibach, as I rarely like opening acts, but the second I walked into the venue and heard this wee woman whaling (on her cello) and wailing (with her voice), I was completely transfixed. Immediately after her set, I conned the Engineer into fronting me the money to buy one of her cds from the merch booth. Haven't looked back since.

-Cat nose velvet
Cat noses are some of my favourite things in the world. I have a bad habit of rubbing the nose on any feline and shouting, "Cat nose velvet! Cat nose velvet!" I am easily amused. The cats, not so much.

-Dead mouse walking
The Engineer has a California Kingsnake named Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse went through a period of anorexia which lasted about six months, to the day. In this time period, he was still being fed live prey (not to my amusement) and because of the snake's refusal to eat, the Engineer was frequently left with pet mice. One night, when Miss Robin was over, the Engineer walked down the hall with the current mouse in its tank, heading for the snake's tank in the bedroom. Miss Robin and I immediately started cat-calling him with cries of, "Dead mouse walking!" Dead man walking, in case you don't know, is something frequently said to prisoners as they're being led to the execution chamber.

-Funeral service
I wish to care for the dead. It burns through my body like a calling to the priesthood. One day.

-Jeremy Enigk
Jeremy Enigk was the lead singer for Sunny Day Real Estate. His solo album is one of the most amazing pieces of music I've ever clapped ears upon.

-MC Frontalot
Rocking jam after jam of inaccurate songs!

-Ocean as first love
Everyone remembers their first love. Mine was the ocean. No matter how long its been since I touched fingers to the water, a part of me is always listening to the roar of the sea.

Rats are one of my favourite animals in the world. They're survivors. And pretty goddamn cute. Especially when they sleep in a giant pig pile and give me sleepy kisses when they've first woken up, all bleary-eyed and stupid. I love their little hands. And their noses.

-Spaulding Gray
He was an amazing man with an incredible talent. RIP.

-Sword swallowing
A few years back, I got it into my head that I wanted to learn sword swallowing. After reading a few books about it, I discovered how to get rid of my gag reflex, which I spent the next two or three years doing. I'm too scattered to really focus on it anymore, but I used to be able to swallow a ruler and would show it to my co-workers whenever they doubted me. I recommend that you not make any jokes about how I lost my gag reflex, or I'll go into great detail. I guarantee it's not what you're thinking and you won't enjoy it one bit.

-urban assault karaoke
Miss Robin and I, again. This time, we were camping in the middle of a state forest and noticed the amazing acoustics in the bathrooms. We decided that we needed a portable karaoke machine.

I have had a serious obsession with zombies since I was a little kid and saw 'Night of the Living Dead' for the first time. At my absolute worst, I had blueprints drawn up on how to zombie-proof the house I was living in at the time. Many situations find me saying, "If zombies attacked RIGHT NOW, I'd be so fucked." These situations can range from me walking through a muddy cemetary in the middle of the night, wearing platform shoes or standing in the check-out line in a grocery store. Thee Pumpkin Girl and I saw a zombie once, for fucking serious. And the other week at work, I saw another one.
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Earlier this week, like Sunday or Monday, I decided that if I was going to continue to yap about how crap I think the Lord of the Rings movies were, then I should watch the extended versions of them. Everyone goes on at length about how great they are and how much better than the theatre versions. So I, being the diplomatic soul that I am, gave it a shot.

I saw all three of them when they were out in the theatre, but managed to fall asleep during every single one. The second one being the worst of it for sleeping, I missed damn near the majority of the movie. Waking up during the big battle scene was a bit unsettling, I should also mention. Fall asleep during some quiet scene with elves walking through a misty wood and being all sad, wake up during a huge fight with mutant elephants? Fuck that.

On Monday, I curled sloth-like on the Engineer's couch and watched parts one and two. I didn't come away from them with much, other then giggling quite a bit over the Engineer's comments.

him: If I directed these movies, I would have had Mia Tyler play Liv Tyler's part.
me: Oh yeah? You like her better?
him: Definitely. She should wear all the same clothes that her sister does though, but she has to run around a lot and be out of breath all the time.

him: I think Rivendall should have more Ewoks in it.
me: It doesn't currently have any.
him: I know. And the Ewoks should throw food at the elves.

me: Should Isengard (or whatever the fuck it's spelled) have ninjas?
him: No. Pirates.


Tonight I decided I was going to watch the third movie, since I had nothing else better to do. It's Boy-Free Night (tm) and I'm not currently living in filth and squalor, so I stole it out of the Engineer's living room and brought it down to my apartment. It's still playing, almost finished though, but I got a bit bored.

I can, however, sum up my feelings on this trilogy before I completely finish watching the third installment:

1. Frodo is a whiney little maggot.
2. Hobbits are pretty lame.
3. Ian McKellan kicks everyone's ass. He's the only one in the entire trilogy who gets to wear a good hat.
5. Goonies never say die.
6. These movies would be so much better if Hugo Weaving was allowed to get all Agent Smith if the fat hobbit told the other one to stfu and quit bitching if Orlando Bloom didn't make it past the first casting call for the part of the elf. His character isn't even integral to the plot, other then to stand around, shoot a few arrows, and generally be annoying. I could probably handle the standing around, the arrow shooting, and the general annoyance factor, but for the fact that he does this all with perfectly cream-rinsed hair while every one else's hair looks as if they ran fist-fulls of cat shit through it. And why do most of the elves have blonde hair and black eyebrows? WTF?
7. Can someone please fucking explain to me why Liv Tyler's character is going to die? I think I missed something and I am NOT going back to find out.

In conclusion, I can safely say that I still don't like these movies and don't quite understand the appeal that they hold for gibbering fangirls the world over. Now that the third one is winding to a close, I'm going to go back to that scene with the creepy maitre'd guy with the big teeth and the no eyes and the big metal hat to freak myself out some more. He was the best part.
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I've managed to exhaust myself in little under forty-five minutes working on the large pile of laundry that has sat in the corner of my room since my mother left a year ago for the hospital. It's mostly all her sheets. Yesterday, I banged out the large collection of my clothes that needed to be washed, but all of this is remainders of her.

Combine that with being forced to leave her couch on the side of the road in South Philadelphia because it wouldn't fit through Thee Pumpkin Girl's door, the fact that the pagan group I've been a member of for four years just broke up tonight, I'm slightly sick and bordering on PMS and you have an extraordinarily unhappy and depressed Tara.

There's been a lot of change brewing, something which I don't deal well with, even under normal circumstances. Even when it's good change, like getting my leopard-print couch back after five years or being gifted with a lovely and enormous bookcase.

I'm constantly startled by walking into different rooms in this apartment because things are so different. It's not always a good feeling, usually very unsettling. It's always the feeling of this isn't where I'm supposed to be that brushes up against my face, like walking through a hanging spiderweb in the dark. That uncomfortable shiver and uncontrollable brief moment of panic.

Maybe it's just me.


stolen from [ profile] disastrid

six songs that mean something to me (however, I'm going to cheat and name 13):

1. American Pie - Don McLean
Some of my most cherished memories of my mother are of us singing this song together in her car. It's happened more than once, which is why I saw 'some of my most', rather than 'one of the most'. She and I would go for long drives, even when I was just a kid. Sometimes it was for function, like our cigarettes runs to Delaware. And sometimes, it was just the pure pleasure of driving with all the windows down. I would snake my arm through the wind and we would harmonize on the chorus. This song made me cry, even before she died. I played it at her funeral.

2. Will You Take This Man? - Diamanda Galas
Pure, unbridled rage from a woman scorned. The first time I ever heard this, my body was shocked into stillness. The bass lines, the lyrics, the venomnous delivery. It's the anthem for every time I put everything I had into a relationship, only to be done horribly wrong.

3. Come On Darkness - Camper Van Beethoven
In the most sorrowful, desperate moments of just wanting it all to stop, this is the song living in my heart. One of two songs I want played at my funeral.

4. I'm Feeling Good - Nina Simone
I play this whenever I'm truly happy and things are going exactly the way I want them to. Nina Simone was an absolute goddess of the blues, so even her happier material is still tinged with sadness. This is one of the best songs in the world to play at top volume while driving very, very fast.

5. You Are the Everything - REM
When I was sixteen, the summer right before my senior year, I had this boyfriend that I was helplessly in love with. My first real love. My sun rose and set on him, he was the most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on and he was with me. I was on top of the world and nothing could touch me. He played this song for me on his guitar. Unfortunately, he didn't even come close to returning my love and my heart was put through the proverbial wringer with his candy-coated lies. All of them designed to not hurt me, but doing the exact opposite in the end. This song will always be those three months, that painfully gorgeous summer. He's dead now.

6. Straight To You - Nick Cave
This is the song I danced to with my husband at our wedding in 1998.

7. Disintegration - The Cure
This is the soundtrack to my leaving him in 2000.

8. So Happy Together - The Turtles
Actually a techno remix of this song that I heard at the first rave I ever attended. It was September of 2000. I laid on a blanket under a glittering night sky full of stars and watched two of my best friends (who are married to each other) dance to this. A moment of absolute joy for them and them alone. I decided that it was what love looked like. I can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life. They're still together and still strong. I was invited to attend the renewal of their wedding vows in Vegas last year and cried like a little girl when they kissed.

9. I Ate Something Out of the Medicine Cabinet - The Happy Flowers
This is when I discovered that music didn't have to make sense or be pretty to be beautiful. Dada in music form.

10. Who Are You? - Tom Waits
The girl I struggle to not be, on a daily basis. I don't always succeed.

11. Everything by Otis Redding
Otis is the king. The king is dead. Long live the king.

12. Cure For Pain - Morphine
The reason why I have opium poppies tattooed behind my ears.

13. No. 13 Baby - the Pixies
Some bands just strike an automatic chord within you the very second you hear them for the first time. The first time I ever heard the Pixies was in a store on South Street that no longer exists. It was this song.
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stolen from [ profile] sophiaserpentia

1. I played with My Little Ponies and She-Rah dolls until seventh grade.

2. The way I learned how to code HTML was because a handful of years ago, I had a roommate with a computer. It was the first time I had ever used the internet and knew nothing about using PCs. I had decided to make a web page and was slowly learning the HTML. I wanted to join webrings, so I needed to put the code on my webpage. I didn't know how to cut and paste, or even that it existed, so I painstakingly WROTE ON PAPER the HTML code, then typed it into Notepad or my webshell. I'm now so focused on hand-coding HTML, that I have a very hard time using things like Dreamweaver to do it for me.

3. The movie "Stand By Me"? Yeah, I've seen it well over a hundred times. I know it verbatim.

4. I've been wearing all black clothing for so long that I am now highly uncomfortable when I wear any other colour. Also, my underwear's colour absolutely MUST match the colour of whatever I'm wearing on the outside or I am equally uncomfortable. Mismatched bras and panties do not happen ever happen, either.

5. I sleep with a stuffed Sylvester the Cat that I have had since I was four. He's terribly ratty looking: all his white bits are now grey bits, he's missing one eye and the other eye's paint has all rubbed off so it's white and blind-looking, his fur is matted and he's been sewn back together by my mother more times than I can count. But he's mine and he's real and I have an incredibly hard time sleeping without him. He travelled with me to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Scotland, England, all the places I have gone to. Not to mention every single camping trip I've ever been on.
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* worked on Saturday for almost ten hours, much to my complete amazement and disgust.

* got into a verbal altercation with a co-worker during that almost ten hours, because she is ghetto-fucking-tastic and side-swiped me with "Do you have a problem?!" in the middle of a conversation about how to order dinner. No, really. A conversation about how when one is ordering dinner with your office mates, one must write their order down. Not just to avoid mistakes, but because it is entirely possible that the unlucky person calling the food order in does not possess a photographic memory.

* WALKED AWAY from said verbal altercation because I am in Human Resources and it wouldn't be seemly for the HR department to get into trouble for fighting with employees. (How's that for getting a handle on my temper? What I really wanted to do was plant my foot squarely in her fucking ass. However, I do not brawl in the workplace. My family may be trashy, but we're not quite THAT trashy. Although I did later tell my boss that Miss Thing is really lucky that I have manners.)

* talked to Miss Janette on the phone for three and a half hours. Big love.

* received a box mix for making BAT SHAPED BROWNIES from Miss Jennie.

* ordered a goddamn new sacred heart Zippo, since mine still doesn't appear to be appearing any time soon.

* played "Kill the vacumn! Kill the vacumn! Bad! Bad!" with Howard Phillip (one of the ferrets).

* yawned. A lot.

* fell in love with the Horrorpops.

*eye rub*

Jul. 17th, 2004 01:40 am
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Haven't been around here in a while, have I? Things have been hectic. I'll break everything down for you into nice little statements.

* I'm currently writing a lecture/presentation on trance possession. It is kicking my ass.

* I owe email and LJ replies to some people. I haven't forgotten any of you.

* I hate my hair. I think I'm going to attempt to make it redder tomorrow, despite how I'm afraid to.

* O, non-disclosure agreement. How I loathe thee!

* The stupid goddamn healthcare insurance company denied my mother transportation to vitamin therapy (by the way, she's out of the hospital, but not back home yet. Instead, she's been at a nursing home for the past two weeks or so, receiving physical therapy. No clue as to when she's coming home.) I'm going to smite them.

* I saw a girl today, coming out of the clinic, who could have been my twin. Only her hair was black with red ends, instead of red with black ends, and she had far more (and nicer!) tattoos. Seeing her made me all the more determined to havemy chest piece finished.

* My altar still has not been cleaned off. I am a very bad girl.

* Smiling cartoon horses really freak me the fuck out. Also, horses do not have eyebrows like a person. Thanks.

* I'm going a bit cross eyed at the moment, you'll have to excuse me.

* Ce n'est pas une tron├žonneuse.
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1. Whenever I say I'm going to write a long update about a trip I've recently taken, it generally means that I am never going to write a long update about a trip I've recently taken. I've come to accept this.

2. If you poke at a bushel of live crabs with a pen, at least one of them will attempt to shank you.

3. Spiritual people are unreliable.

4. Microsoft is shitty and fly infested.

5. When I turn 40, my wee deformed thumbs are going to hit a sudden growth spurt and look normal.

6. The 80s fucking sucked, especially the fashion. But, not quite all of the music. Any attempted revival will be met with snide and derogatory comments.

7. Big manly men should not own cocker spaniels. Because people like me will snicker uncontrollably when we ask, "What kind of dog do you have?" and the big manly man answers, "A cocker spaniel."

8. I forget what eight is for.

9. When I am placing an order in an eatery and I specify that I would like ranch dressing on my salad, it generally means that a salad does indeed come with what I have ordered. I will point this out to my server when they bring me a dish of ranch dressing and no salad is in sight.

10. There is more than one person in this world who can break one of their own bones in their sleep. This should comfort me, but it, in fact, does not.
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3 things which scare me: zombies, dolls, the dark.

3 things which I don't understand: the stock market, reality television, quantum physics

3 things I'd like to learn: Latin, pocket picking, how to play the accordion

3 things I am wearing right now: my Sinner/Saint necklace, black velvet jeans, glittery skull and crossbone socks

3 things on my desk: my cigarettes, my sacred heart Zippo, a cherry pie the size of a half dollar made from Sculptey clay

3 things I want to do before I die: be ridden by a lwa, own a boat, own my own funeral home

3 good things about my personality: quick wit, empathic, can tell the best stories

3 bad things about my personality: short tempered, lazy, forgetful

3 parts of my heritage: Cherokee, German, French

3 things I like about my body: my eyes, my lips, the small of my back

3 things I don't like about my body: height, weight, hands

3 things most people don't know about me: I did two and a half years in colour guard during high school, I'm a diagnosed schizophrenic, I can turn my right leg completely around

3 things I say the most: 'hee!', 'Jesus fuck!', 'And I was like...'

3 places I want to go: Jerusalem, New Orleans (again), Paris

3 names that I go by: Tara, Tara-Love, magdalene

3 screen names I use or have used: littleflappybat, batsinthebelfrey, dormouse
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) How do you feel about Charles Manson, the family and what they did? Do the same for Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Charles Manson and his situation can be summed up in two words: drugs and charisma. Even now, with him old and shit-eating crazy in jail, he still exudes an almost palpable (word? I don't remember) air or power. His Family were all a bunch of disillusioned kids who were looking for someone to worship, in an era where civil disobedience was hip. However, they took so much acid that you could have told them they were Pepe Le Pew and they would have started romancing pussycats. I don't believe that he told them to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders. But, I do believe that they did it to please him.

Brady and Hindley? I actually don't know much about them, other then the basic facts of their crimes.

2) You are a European country, which one are you and why?

I had trouble with this one, so I asked my friend Pixie for her opinion.

me: if I was going to be a European country, which one do you think I'd be?
pixie: hmmm
pixie: Germany
me: why Germany?
pixie: You 're always oppressing the Jews.
pixie: Duh.

She continued by saying that I would be Germany because it has edge, it could take her in a fight, and because it had troubled times in the past but is carrying on with culture and class.

That's me, that is. ;)

3) Quote a section of Crowley, explain it and then tell me how you feel about it. Also, how do you feel about the online Crowley - Q/Kabbalah buffs?

"The great bond of all bonds is ignorance. How shall a man be free to act if he know not his own purpose? You must therefore first of all discover which star of all the stars you are, your relation to the other stars about you, and your relation to, and identity with, the Whole."

The first part is fairly self explanatory. Ignorance holds you back. If you don't know something, you can't do it. I think the second greatest bond is fear. If you're afraid, you won't pursue. You can't build and refine your Will if you let fear control you. Even if you're not ignorant anymore, you're scared to do it. And the fear still holds you back from your desired action(s).

The second part I still have trouble with, as I'm still discovering which star I am and what my relation is to everyone around me. I think I'm always going to have a problem with this, though.

Some of the online Crowley heads are okay. I've met a couple who were fun to talk to, occasionally poking them with a stick to see if they jump. A large portion of them, however, are entirely too full of themselves. They parrot out a bunch of Crowley spew because they think it makes them sound enlightened. When, in fact, it does nothing but show them as a bunch of unoriginal and ignorant idiots. I can repeat everything someone said, too. Anyone can do it. But, when you put your own ideas into something? When you prod at it and question and go off on tangents, that's when creation and thought truly happens.

Some of them might as well be a bunch of Wiccans, for the lack of free thinking they show.

4) You're having a dinner party and you're allowed to choose your 8 guests from the entirity of human history, whom would you choose and why?


Judas Iscariot, so I can give the poor guy a glass of wine and tell him it's okay he sold out Christ for a bag of gold. It all went to pot anyway and there's nothing he could have done about it.

Gerald Gardner, so I can smack him across the back of his head. "Gerald! What the FUCK?! Skyclad? You know how many unattractive people are going for that idea?!"

Alice Liddell. I'd like to meet the real Alice.

Anton Lavey, for pure comedy factor. I'd like to watch the man sit around and talk smack all night. See who falls for it.

Pope John Paul II. He's such a wee little man and I'd like to try on his hat. Actually, I'd like to discuss modern society with him and see if anything he says matches up with Vatican rhetoric.

Rasputin. I'd like to find out if he really was a miracle worker, or if it was all just manipulating the fuck out of the Imperial Family.

Edgar Allan Poe, for good storytelling after dinner.

Joshua Norton I, Emperor of America. Reality is what you can get away with. He was a great man and I would have loved to have met him.

5) Nick Cave wants you to play in The Bad Seeds for his next studio album and tour. However, it's a covers album and he's going to need you to participate in doing some covers of songs by The Smiths and Morrissey, would you do it?

Only if I can have a kazoo solo during "How Soon Is Now?"
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[1 minute ago] I sang "Mister Crowley", loudly, to Aleister as she poked her nose through the bars of the cage at me.
[1 hour ago] Sat in the overstuffed chair with a purring cat in my lap, wondering when the hell my brother was going to high tail it off the computer so I could get online.
[1 day ago] lit candles to the Baron and offered him candy and cigarettes.
[1 year ago] unemployed, driving around a lot by myself, visiting the hospital.
[words to decribe the situation of now] chaos. It's always chaos.
[things I want] Mortuary school. New shoes. My eyes to stop itching.
[songs listened to] Right this second? "Build it up, Tear it down" by Fatboy Slim
[Things accomplished] I scrambled eggs for all the rats today, but didn't eat anything for myself until 6pm. I also cleaned the bathroom but good and mopped the floor, twice.
[windows open] none.
[things around the computer] Ashtray, pack of cigarettes, a green lighter, bottle of Visine, a prescription for Naproxen, crumpled up tissue, three Tim Burton vampires and their coffins, envelope with some phone numbers scribbled on, tiny snowglobe with Jack Skellington in it, a little plastic blue cat, a white ribbon with a silver charm on it from Wemble's wedding, computer speaker, a wee stuffed skunk, and my webcam.
[thoughts of now] I should be in bed.
[e-mails] none.
[lyric] "Take a chance, like all dreamers can't find another way. You don't have to dream at all, just live another day." (White Label remix of Duran Duran, "Save a prayer")
[people online] 6
[people away] 4
[people idle] 2
[random] squiggle?
[Spell your name backwards] Arat.
[Where do you live?] Goblin Market.
[Describe yourself in three words] Cute as fuck.
[Who is your worst enemy?] I've got a handful of enemies who cross the street when they see me. They know who they are.
[If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be?] a ring tailed lemur.
[Have you ever used a spork?] yes.
[Do you even know what a spork is?] yes.
[What is the latest you've ever stayed up?] Three days in a row.
[Ever been to Belgium?] no.
[brush] wide brushy part, black and purple rubber handle. I brush my hair about six times a day, so it's always full of hair.
[toothbrush] clear grey and purple.
[jewelry worn daily] 13 black rubber bracelets, silver nose ring, opal labret, diamond stud earrings, surgical steel captive bead hoops with ankhs as the captive bead.
[pillow cover] six of them. five black and one black with glow in the dark skull and crossbones.
[blanket] two of them. One Hello Kitty comforter and one purple fleece with bats all over.
[coffee cup] Miserable looking Eeyore, with the words "Happy go lucky".
[sunglasses] black, vaguely cat eyed shaped.
[underwear] black satin, string sides.
[shoes] none, I'm barefoot.
[nail polish] none.
[handbag] messenger bag with the Evil Queen from Snow White on the face of it.
[favourite top] black velvet scoop neck with long sleeves.
[favourite pants] errr. I don't own any pants.
[perfume] Pavlova.
[CD in stereo right now] none, it's a bunch of MP3s.
[tattoos] 16.
[piercings] 8.
[current music] New Order, "Blue Monday (hardfloor remix)"
[wearing] long black velvet broomstick skirt, black tank top with lace around the bustline.
[hair] long, straight, loose, and black.
[makeup] none, I just rubbed it all off. Except for my eyebrows.
[in my mouth] a cigarette.
[in my head] white noise.
[hearing] music and the clicking of my keyboard.
[wishing] for impossible things.
[after this] more talking to my girl, Carrie.
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The email which popped up in my inbox a moment ago was simply entitled "ferrets". Two words, for the body of the mail: "Want some?"

This came from my friend and ex-roommate, Tony Smash!, the drummer of Myles of Destruction (or Styles of Distinction, as we renamed them during a drunken party a couple of weeks ago).

A friend of his has {unnamed amount $!=ferrets} and need to get rid of them because their landlord is a hoser. Not because they are tired of sustaining bites (he felt the need to point this out to me, god bless Tony).

The least amount of ferrets is going to be two. I had been planning on getting Edgar a cagemate, but that had been purely singular in my mind previously.

I think I might be full up on animals right now. I wonder how long this girl can hold out with her landlord on the ferrets. Maybe until all of my baby rats have grown up and been placed into homes? Even then, I'm not sure about [three, possibly more} ferrets.

Shit, one is hard enough to keep track of...


and now! A cryptic 20, since everyone else is doing it!

(1.) You really have the most appalling taste in companions. Which is rather a shame, since you're a lovely person when you're not being a blistering kneefuck.

(2.) /vomit

(3.) I saw this photograph in your living room once. And it filled me with the worst depression you could possibly imagine. Because I knew I could never have what was displayed in the photo. This doesn't mean what you think it means, by the way.

(4.) You are a whey faced cuntrabbit. And I know you still read this. You just have to sound out the bigger words or run to check the Baby's First Dictionary your newest mealticket bought for you on his Visa Gold card.

(5.) If I had the opportunity to be anyone in this world, it would be you.

(6.) Who let you out of the fucking loonybin, Frances Farmer? Holy shit, I've never met anyone as batshit crazy as you before. There but for the grace of God go I.

(7.) You piss me off so much, do you know that? You present this lovely side of yourself to all of your little internet cronies and they all think you're this luscious being. When in reality, you're nothing but a scared little whiney cunt who makes up issues as to seem more interesting. You think I don't know about all the smack you've talked on me? You're wrong, Tweedle-Dee.

(8.) You're right. That's precisely what is needed. Too bad you're not the one who's going to get to fill that office. You could have worn the mantle, long ago. But, you mucked that one up all on your own, sticky fingers.

(9.) You /are/ the most beautiful girl in the world. I miss you so much.

(10.) You intimidate the hell out of me. Thank God the chances of us ever meeting are rather small, because I'd most likely make a tremendous ass out of my ass in front of you.

(11.) You, you, you, you, and you. I have never in my life been so close to females before. You give me hope for the gender.

(12.) I know you're going to give up on me one day. That thought brings me such pain, but I know it's inevitable. It's just the way you are. I can only wait. And pray that you make it as painless as possible.

(13.) If you think the above statement applies to you, you're wrong.

(14.) Hey, here's a quick suggestion for you: take off the skirt, stop acting like such a fucking nancy, and move on with your life. Also, buy a helmet for the next time it happens. And it WILL happen.

(15.) Sometimes, I have an almost overwhelming urge to post "what's a nubian?" in reply to every thing you post. Luckily, I have enormous self-restraint. It would still be pretty funny though, if you ask me.

(16.) The abrasive iconoclast act really isn't working out for you, is it? I suggest you take up clog dancing.

(17.) I want my fucking shoes back! What can you possibly want with them? They don't fit you. They don't fit your new girlfriend. They don't fit your sister or your ex-wife. Give me back my shoes! They were my favourite pair!


(19.) You make me want to scream and shriek and pull your face off. I still love you. And I kick myself for that, you nosefucker.

(20.) Do you know how many times you've saved my life? More then I can count.


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