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Peanut butter Ritz Bits. Cigarettes. Bottle of cold water. Watching the Prophecy.

This is like Heaven.

Christopher Walken as Gabriel could kick my ass six ways to Sunday and you'd hear nary a complaint fall from my lips. mrrr!

I looked for a cagemate for Aardie this weekend, but none were to be found. The one shop I went to, the girls working the small animal department looked at me like I'd grown another head when I asked if they had any Dumbos. They did have a few very nice and young male rats, but they were all too big. And the rats that were small enough were female. Which just will not do.

I can't have fifty nekkid baby rats. Even if it would be a lot of fun to play with them.
One of the babies that the petshop showed me was so young, that its eyes weren't even open yet. He wasn't for sale as a pet, the girl was just showing it to me. And I held him, small and warm, in the palm of my hand. And his blind little face quested around my fingers for something to latch onto.

He half sat up and attempted to do the face washing thing that rats do, which slays me everytime, and I melted. If he was a bit older, he would have gone home in my pocket.

If I had any pockets, that is.
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Another doll worked on this evening. This one is my demented Victorian lady.

She's in a straightjacket with a ivory lace dress made out of the tops of the stockings I wore for my wedding ceremony. ^_^

And once again, no face.

I seem to be stuck on this. I reckon that it's mostly because I really can't draw to save my life and am afraid of ruining the fabric of the doll faces.

The third doll, the wee red creature, is also unfinished. I need to make wings for him and give him a mouth. I'm not afraid of doing this, unlike the other dolls, I'm just a bit unsure as to how to proceed with the wings.

I need to do something with them all soon, as they're more than a bit creepy looking the way they do now. They're all lined up on the dining table (where I do my sewing work), staring in the general vicinity of the computer.


Tomorrow I travel to Delaware with the Priest They Called Him for a much needed cigarette run. This should prove to be interesting as we always have novel length conversations when stuck together in the same area for a great length of time.

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