Jul. 15th, 2007 01:56 am
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Shark Week is in 15 days!
I ate some awesome cheese tonight!
Super Gator is currently on the Sci-Fi channel!
I have 14th row, center, floor tickets to see the Cure in September!
I revised my resume today!
I took a bubble bath and listened to Radiohead on my iPod!
I renamed the new Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the OMG THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!
The preview for Stardust was amazing!
I am trying to convince the Engineer to be Serpentor for Halloween!
This is in addition to my previous costume ideas of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Destro, and Captain Spaulding!
I should totally be in bed right now!
Everything is made of exclamation points!
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I've been meaning to put this up for quite a long time, but I kept forgetting about it.

Many months ago, I was skulking around Target. On a mission to buy cleaning supplies, I got side-tracked (as I am wont to do) in the candle section. Something shiny caught my eye, which is the plight of my existence-shiny things and their catching of my eye, and I immediately rushed over to pick it up.

It was a tall, glass candleholder, the kind in which it's a glass cylinder and the candle goes inside. Like a giant drinking glass. But, this one had a silver base. It also had a fancy, and quite heavy, silver lid. This would be perfect to put my unidentified bone in, for display in the living room! I thought to myself (and really, how many other people do you know who think thoughts like that?) and put it into my shopping cart with the floor cleaner and cat litter. There was a piece of paper inside of the candleholder, but I assumed it was just warnings about not leaving burning candles unattended or giving them to small children as toys or letting them drive your car after they had one too many drinks. It was inconsquential, I had a pretty candleholder thing to put a bone in and the world was at peace.

After I got home and put away everything else I'd bought, I pulled out the candleholder and decided on its new home in my living room. I pulled my unidentified bone from the shelf it had been placed before and removed the piece of paper, with all of its imagined, dire warnings, that had been nestled inside the candleholder. The bone went in the candleholder, the candleholder went on my end table and I admired my interior design skills and pondered a career change.

I opened the piece of paper, to give it a mindless glance over before I threw it out, and began laughing so hard that I had to sit down.

It wasn't a list of candle-use warnings. )


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