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1. I has a new computer desk. There wasn't anything wrong with my old desk per se, but I need to condense space. The Engineer recently bought this fly desk that had a bit that swung out on wheels and all, which I immediately fell in love with and thought it would make a spectacular make-up vanity/computer station. See, to make room for the Engineer's gigantor bed, it would be best if I got rid of my old make-up vanity. Which is as old as dirt, takes up far too much room, and I hate like a hating thing hates things.

2. All four snakes now live in one apartment. When we were transporting the Engineer's kingsnake, he skunked me- the little fucker. Kingsnake skunk is a special, special realm of Hell. Like the worst rotting fish/clogged dog anal glands stench ever. I gagged the entire time I was carrying the snake from the Engineer's apartment to mine. Then I washed my hands for twenty minutes.

3. My professor for Math for Liberal Arts is apparently known as the GPA Killer. Would have been nice to know before I started taking his class and uhh...getting my GPA fucking killed. Am unhappy about this, but am also swiftly approaching college burn-out. So, I pendulum swing between being extremely distressed about my GPA dropping and not being able to give a good goddamn.

4. I have a great pile of books to plow through. I also need to update my book list, which I have not done since January. Shouldn't be too hard to remember what I've read since then, as most of them are still piled up in my room on every available surface. Good thing the Engineer has an empty bookshelf. I could probably fill it in twenty minutes. Or less.

5. I am not inebriated whatsoever at this very moment. Nope.

6. I find it curious that every time I wash my car, it rains within the next one to two days. Since I bought the Mini, I have washed it maybe seven or eight times. I blame the OCD and needing to keep the shiny surfaces shiny. Everyone else just thinks I'm fucking nuts.

7. I conquered my downloading of videos from Youtube and actually getting them to have sound problem from a few days ago. It involved the downloading of an entirely different program that finally did it. Now I can dork out over rockstars wherever I may happen to be roaming at the moment.

8. I forget what eight is for.
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8.9% for 72 months and a total of $2500 down (instead of $1500) comes out to $328.06 a month, which is a lot more doable.

Finance manager is submitting it right now, but if all goes well- I'll be going in on the 17th to sign papers.

Crisis possibly averted?
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Approved at 8.5%, which comes out to $440 a month? With a co-signer who has perfect credit?

Are you fucking shitting me?

$440 a month is so far completely and totally out of my goddamn range, it's not even funny.

I don't know whether to start crying or screaming.
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Dear Kendra,





I'm going for a cigarette. I'm taking my cell phone with me. For the love of mice, please call me and give me SOME kind of news.
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Yesterday, I submitted a credit application to Mini. It was rather nerve-wracking.

Today, I got a phone call back from the finance officer I've been speaking to informing me that while my credit is just peachykeenfine, I do not actually have enough of it to be approved for a loan. But that she believes if I were to have a co-signer, it shouldn't be an issue.

Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

See, the only person in my life who could do such a thing is my father. And he already co-signed for my brother's truck a couple of years ago. I felt bringing this up to him would not fill him full of joy and song.

Surprisingly, I was completely wrong. I called him up this evening while I was still at work and broached the topic. He was totally fine about it, almost nonchalant. I wanted to shake the phone and ask whoever it was on the other line what they had done with my father.

After work, I drove over to his house with the credit application, filled out the appropriate areas, and had him sign it. It took him thirty seconds to sign his name, literally, and I was more than a bit disturbed at how shaky his handwriting has become. My father used to have beautiful penmanship. Think thirty seconds to sign one's name isn't all that long? Try it right now. See how long it takes you to sign your own name. See? It's fucking disturbing.

Papers signed and stowed away in my messenger bag, we shot the shit for an hour. Made jokes about what it's going to be like for me to have a car which actually does what cars are designed to do. He bestowed the highest of praise upon the Engineer ("He's a good guy") and once again pointed out how much like my mother I am. He also gifted me with my grandmother's cookbook, copyright 1942 (this is going to be an entire post of its own).

Tomorrow, I'll be faxing these papers over to Mini and see what they say. As things have turned out, I'm probably not getting an 09 because it would take six to eight weeks to order what I want (which is actually a terribly simple build). I was prepared to bite the bullet and do this, but on the dealer's website, I found an 07 with just over 7k miles for three hundred dollars cheaper. Black, with a black roof, which is precisely what I wanted in that department. Heated seats (everyone crows about this, but my ass has been chilly for 34 years as it is, heated seats weren't on my list of must-have) and a sunroof (I'm not thrilled with this, but as long as there's a slide to block the sun, I'll be fine). And the best part? I don't have to wait two months to get the damn thing.

So. Hopefully, I'll have an answer by the weekend.

The idea of making this much of a commitment is filling me full of nameless panic, but at the same time I am also almost overwhelmed with excitement at getting a new car. Particularly, my second-most dream car. I am, in turns, almost bouncing out of my seat with joy and hiding under the bed in fright.

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to change my car icon keywords to "in a little black car". I'm going to cry so hard when I have to give up the Beast.


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